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ABEKA reading is designed to produce independent readers and writers, and to provide outstanding literary and character-building selections. Students in A Beka Reading will: • Read with comprehension; • Decode the written language easily; • Read the Bible with understanding; • Spell correctly; • Appreciate and enjoy good literature; • Acquire good character traits; • Attain a large speaking and listening vocabulary; • Write grammatically correct stories and poems.


Students in this Curriculum learn to master a received body of knowledge and apply it as one way to obey the command of Genesis 1:28 – to subdue the earth and exercise dominion over it. Students will: • Know that there is a right answer; • Learn to go from the concrete to the abstract, from the particular to the general, from content to concept; • Learn to be fast and accurate in thinking; • Establish the important skill of learning things by memory; • Learn to be thorough, orderly, careful, alert, obedient, persistent, cooperative and honest


The A Beka Book Science Program presents the universe as the direct creation of God and presents God as the Great Designer and Lawgiver. Students will learn scientific principles of: Plant Life * Animal Life * Health and Human Biology * Matter * Energy Earth & Space * Ecology & Conservation * God as Creator and Designer.

P.E, Health, & Safety

The way a person takes care of his body while he is young will affect his health when he is older. P.E., Health & Safety is designed to motivate children to take care of the body God has given them, to educate them in how best to do this, to train them to be courteous, and to develop good health and safety habits.

Social Studies, History & Government

Students need a realistic view of history, government, and geography based upon the foundational truths of the Scriptures. • Kindergarten Children of the World • 1st My America and My World • 2nd Our America • 3rd Our American Heritage • 4th The History of Our United States • 5th-6th World History and Geography

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Welcome to Promise Land Schools, a ministry of First Church Hopewell. We are blessed to welcome you into our learning family!

The goal of Promise Land is to provide a quality educational program that challenges and encourages children to work to their fullest potential with a spirit of excellence.



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