Enrollment Process

Promise Land Academy is open to anyone interested in securing a Christian education, from kindergarten through sixth grade, whom the school finds qualified for admission and who agrees (and whose parents agree) that he or she will abide by Promise Land Academy rules. It must always be understood that attendance at Promise Land Academy is a privilege and not a right. This privilege must be forfeited by any student who does not conform to the school’s standards of conduct and/or who is unwilling to adjust to our environment.


Enrollment takes place only after the student’s family has accorded themselves to be in
agreement with the Statement of Faith as well as the academic practices of the school, and is
then authorized to enroll. The process of qualification to enroll is explained below. The
enrollment method is designed to provide a modest advantage to returning families who are
allowed to enroll on a first-come, first-served basis during the initial days of Early Registration.

Immediately following the returning family registration, new families are allowed to begin
registering also on a first-come, first-served basis.

1. For prospective new students in kindergarten through fifth grade, parents can obtain
the necessary enrollment/admissions information from the administration office. They
must meet academic criteria based on entrance testing. Children entering kindergarten
must be five years of age on or before September 30. After satisfying all requirements,
many families may wish to register.

2. Each new student in grades kindergarten through fifth grade must meet behavioral and
academic criteria based on prior school records. After successful completion of
admission screening, the principal will give approval or denial for the enrollment process
to continue.

3. Promise Land Academy requires that all parents read the Parent Student Handbook.
The acknowledgment statement is to be signed, dated, and turned in with the
registration materials. No registration will be complete nor a student accepted as
enrolled until this signed and dated document is on file in the administration office.

4. The completed enrollment forms must be returned to the administration office along
with copies of:

a. Registration/application form
b. Immunization records (new students and returning students whose forms have
c. Copy of birth certificate
d. Completed physical exam dated within one year prior to entering PLA
e. Copy of social security card
f. Authorization for emergency care
g. Copy of past two years Report Cards
h. Proof of insurance coverage statement

5. Acceptance letters will notify parents of their student’s acceptance. In some cases,
parents will be asked to have a conference with the principal. In these cases, acceptance
will not be granted until the school, the student, and the family have met and agreed
upon any and all conditions of enrollment which may be dictated by the results of the
entrance testing, discipline records and conference.

6. Students may be participants in the Step Up for Students and AAA programs.
The same admission procedures are in effect for all students.
NOTE: Registration is not complete until all fees are paid, testing is completed, and the
acknowledgement is signed.

About Us


Welcome to Promise Land Schools, a ministry of First Church Hopewell. We are blessed to welcome you into our learning family!

The goal of Promise Land is to provide a quality educational program that challenges and encourages children to work to their fullest potential with a spirit of excellence.



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Please contact us for information on our Preschool and Academy!

Preschool:    904-288-9700
Academy:     904-268-2422
Address: 3990 Loretto Road | Jacksonville, Florida 32223


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