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Florida is a leader in offering families educational options for their children. A new law (HB 1) was signed into effect on 3/27/2023 that expands eligibility for the Florida Tax Credit (FTC) and FES-EO Scholarships available to all school-aged children residing in Florida and allows families to customize their children’s K-12th grade education!

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Florida Tax Credit (FTC) & FES-EO Scholarships

AAA administers two state-approved Florida scholarship programs for children with no eligible disabilities: (1) the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (“FTC”) and (2) the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Options (“FES-EO”). The same application is used to apply for both scholarships.

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Personalized Education Program (PEP) Scholarships

Eligible Florida students may be granted a Personalized Education Program (PEP) Scholarship. PEP scholarships may be used by families to fund the educational needs of their eligible students.

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Disability-Based Scholarships – FES-UA (Formerly Gardiner and McKay)

The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (FES-UA) program (formerly known as the Gardiner and McKay Scholarship Programs) is an annual scholarship that provides parents/guardians of children with specific disabilities the opportunity to better meet the individual needs of their eligible children.

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Scholarship Opportunities via Step Up for Students & AAA Scholarship Programs

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