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Promise Land Preschool

Greg and Keisha

The past three and a half years at Promise Land Preschool have been truly holistic for our child’s growth, fulfillment, mind, body and spirit. The staff and curriculum have been everything we prayed for

Mrs. Jones

Promise Land Preschool has provided our children with an exceptional academic foundation, but most importantly, provided them with the biblical teachings that our family instills and believes in. The preschool staff feels like an extension of our family. Promise Land Preschool is truly a blessing!

Probynn and Charrice Innis

Promise Land Preschool has been a wonderful experience for our son. The teachers are very warm and caring and we felt very confident that he would blossom in the environment. We have also been delighted with the small class size which allows for more individual attention and we have been very pleased watching the positive development of our son under the guidance of a solid administration and staff. Your excellence, dedication and love are what make Promise Land Preschool an exceptional place and a natural extension of family

Promise Land Academy

Charity Lynn Weston

Promise Land Academy offers, hands down, an awesome application of academics. The kids are challenged daily to learn to their capacity. The educational foundation that’s laid sets the stage for academic excellence for years to come!


My daughter attended Promise Land Academy for the 6th and 7th grade and the experience has been nothing short of a transformation. From the Principal to every faculty member, the learning atmosphere is caring, fun and academically focused. Small classroom size helped to ensure my daughter received one-on-one assistance, and the school field trips and other activities created a fun social environment. The curriculum is challenging and demanding, but I expected nothing less from a school with a mission to prepare students for their next academic level. PLA is a great school and I can certainly see the difference in my daughter’s confidence, knowledge and overall academic growth. I highly recommend PLA to any parent seeking a school where their child can benefit from small classroom sizes, interactive activities and coursework that exercises their mind and prepares them for the next step.


Scholarship Opportunities via Step Up for Students & AAA Scholarship Programs

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