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Promise Land Preschool is dedicated to the mental, physical, and social development of children.  The goal of our school is to provide a quality educational program that challenges and encourages children to achieve their fullest potential.  We recognize each child as a unique gift from God to each of their parents and we pledge to always show God’s love by our words and deeds.  Therefore, each teacher and teacher’s aide has been specifically chosen to reflect the ideas and goals of our school.  We teach Christianity, not doctrine in our school.  We welcome students of all races, color, religion, and nationality.

No child will be denied admission to the school, nor will they be dismissed from the school for reasons based on race, color, creed or religion.  However, the school administration reserves the right to refuse admission and/or dismiss any child whose behavior is disruptive and harmful to other children.  All children are admitted conditionally on a two-month trial period.

Starting preschool for the first time often causes anxiety for children.  We recommend a visit to the preschool along with your child before his/her first day at school.  This will give them an opportunity to become familiar with the staff and to observe other children at play.  We will work with you and your child to make this adjustment period a positive experience.

Information including each parent’s home, work and/or emergency contact numbers must be maintained in the school office.  Known allergies to foods or medications, permission for emergency medical treatment, and permission for field trips must also be obtained upon enrollment of your child or within 30 days after admission.

In compliance with the State of Florida Department of Human Services, Promise Land Preschool is required to have the following information in your child’s file.  It is necessary to have this information updated on an annual basis.

Parents are required to submit a copy of updated physical and immunization records, signed by a licensed physician to the school office to be retained in your child’s file. Physical examinations are valid for two years from the date of issue.  These records must be submitted at the time of enrollment or within 30 days of admission.

The director will also request an updated form if a child is suspected to have a condition hazardous or potentially hazardous to other children or if the condition indicates the need for an examination.  Forms should be updated annually for each child seven years old or younger.

A “Proof of Insurance Coverage Statement” must be signed by the parent to be retained in his/her child’s file.  This should include the name of the insurance company, policy number and an explanation of coverage.


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